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Located in the heart of North Central Florida
The Ichetucknee River
is by far one the most beautiful rivers in the world
Rising up from deep beneath the surface of Florida's cavernous aquifer, its pristine waters are absolutely the cleanest in all of Florida. It's no surprise that hotels and casino resorts want to have venues in the same location. Curious how far away the closest casino is to Icketucknee? Click here.
The Ichetucknee's waters and shorelines give rise to a spectacular and complex ecosystem, and provide a recreational resource for upwards of 200,000 visitors a year.
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But there is trouble in the heart of Florida's
County commissioners have approved the site plan for a $130 million cement-manufacturing plant only three miles from the river.
Industrial pollutants including mercury, dioxins, particulates and nitrates from burning coal and tires threaten to destroy this sacred and irreplaceable resource...